Virtual Teambuilding

Welcoming Message

I’m Daniel and I have built several remote teams both for external companies and my own ventures!

About the author

Daniel has grown the Kairos Society Europe into 120 full-time and part-time workers. He created teams for Unlimitix, EWOR, Emoti, NEWNOW and is skilled in staffing and managing big consulting projects quickly.

About this course

This course equips you with the knowledge necessary to build and manage your remote team. It talks about all things that are important to leading a virtual team, but scarce when it comes to academic research. The second course on this subject ‘Teams and Culture’ is just as practical, but backed by academic insights. This one is purely practical.

As a founder, you will have to convince people to join you for free initially and get your product to a stage at which it either generates enough revenue or receives enough funding to hire your first employees or freelancers. Bridging this gap is no mean feat and a key skill that many serial entrepreneurs have. This course equips you with the why, how and what of building remote/virtual teams.

Your main challenge

Your main challenge in this course is to build a virtual team of five people and create a positive virtual team spirit.